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Have you created online chemical education tools of your own? If so, have you wanted to share these tools with other chemistry instructors and perhaps get opinions and suggestions? I created this blog to help make that happen.

If you want to share your work and get comments, just send an email to me at Please describe yourself and your tool: including where you teach, the course for which your tools were created, and anything else you think folks would find interesting. Be sure to give me a link to your online tool. I will then make a blog post with the information you’ve provided, and we’ll wait for comments.

If you want to see a sample post, click on “An Introduction to Chemistry online lecture” on the left.

At the end of each blog post, there’s a form for comments. There will be a gap between the time a comment is completed and when it appears on the site. To avoid having the comments dominated by spam, I need to approve each comment, and I won’t always be available to do so immediately.

I may make comments and suggestions myself, but the hope is that other chemistry instructors will view the tools and make their own comments.

You don’t need to be creating online tools to participate. If you are a chemistry instructor, it would be great if you would take the time to view the online tools and make comments and suggestions.

This blog is an experiment that will only work if we get active participation. I’m sure that this will start slowly, so if you visit this blog and don’t see much activity, please don’t give up on us. Try back later.

If you have comments and suggestions for me, I will welcome them.

Thanks for visiting.

Mark Bishop

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